Build Trust Through Community Outreach

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

Reaching out to people in your community creates a welcoming atmosphere

How well known are you in your community? A sense of community provides people with a sense of belonging. If you can manage to associate your practice with the emotions that a strong sense of community elicits, you will be fostering trust with prospective patients. Community outreach is a great way to grow your practice.

Unitron's Community Outreach Program can help build trust and create brand awareness

  • Capture new patients and retain existing patients

  • Strengthen your practice image and brand

  • Solidify your position as the community hearing aid expert

Reaching out to people in your community creates a welcoming atmosphere and makes your practice a place where people feel they belong Unitron's Community Outreach program is an easy way to get members of your community talking positively about your practice.

Centered around a free event, this program gets you face-to-face with members of your community.

Unitron has two tried and true pieces ready for your use. Choose from the Lunch & Learn or an Educational Seminar format (found on myMarketing/marketing/programs - see below). Both offer a casual, no pressure atmosphere for patients to get to know you.

Next Steps:

Visit the myMarketing portal for more information on contact your Unitron Account Representative at 800-888-8882.

myMarketing screen capture for where to access Community Outreach and Lunch & Listen materials


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