FLEX:TRIAL Paid Search

FLEX:TRIAL Paid Search

AuDSEO, Unitron's preferred digital partner, will design, build and launch the Google Ad campaign. As the program runs, they will monitor and optimize the program's performance. You will receive monthly reporting, including impressions, click-through-rate, conversions, and lead details. Phone call data will also be included.


    $500 per month, three-month minimum required. This is a full service offering, which covers landing page customization and monitoring. Some practices may need to spend more depending on market, goals and budget.


    To order please call your Unitron Representative at 1-800-888-8882.

    To view a sample landing page, click here.


    Prepayment is required. All pricing is subject to change.

    Please note: Images (non-product) used in these templates are not available to individually provide due to copyright limitations. See the "Images" section on this site for images that are free to use.