Pay-per-click Google Ads

Pay-per-click Google Ads


Run a Google paid search campaign (pay-per-click) with ease! 

Let us do the work. 

You’ll start with a simple kick-off call with AudSEO digital marketing experts to discuss your campaign and success measurements. With Unitron at your side, AudSEO will design, build and launch the campaign. As the program runs, they will monitor the performance and make adjustments to optimize program performance. 


    $500 per month (3-month campaign minumum) 

    Some practices may need to spend more depending on market, goals and budget.


    To order please call your Unitron Representative at 1-800-888-8882.


    Several ads are created for your campaign and linked to a list of key search terms. When a consumer searches for a linked term your pay-per-click ad is triggered, your ad pops up in the consumer’s search results. If the consumer clicks on it, they are taken to your customized landing page where they're invited to complete an online form or call your clinic for more information.