Trial & Smile Ad Set

Trial & Smile Ad Set

Newspaper ads are typically strong performers for transactional messaging, especially for local businesses. The Trial and Smile Days ad set plays right into this. Using a high-value, limited time offer, we've checked all the boxes of what your target market wants from this media.


    Trial and Smile Ad Set (6775)



    Our marketing service partners can help! A $100 design fee covers template customization, up to 3 rounds of proofs and delivery of print-ready file. 



    To order please call your Unitron Representative at 1-800-888-8882.


    Pricing includes basic resizing and customization. A tracking phone number can be used for no-cost. All pricing is subject to change.


    Please note: Images (non-product) used in these templates are not available to individually provide due to copyright limitations. See the "Images" section on this site for images that are free to use.


    • Print ads drive online searches (we recommend using newspaper ads in a multi-media campaign).


    • Studies suggest that readers trust print more than any other medium.


    • Stay local! Locally focused papers are more likely to be read in the community they serve.


    (Info courtesy of Media Space Solutions and Business Town)