Trial & Smile Insert

Trial & Smile Insert

More than 158 million US adults read a newspaper each week. Catch their attention with a Trial and Smile Days event! We carefully chose the lead photograph for this campaign to capture a relatable, real-life moment to directly connect with your target audience quickly.


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    10,000 $0.07/ea*
    15,000 $0.06/ea*
    20,000 $0.05/ea*

    *plus shipping


    If you'd like to print with your local paper, let us know!

    Our marketing service partners will customize the insert for you! A $100 design fee covers template customization, up to 3 rounds of proofs and delivery of print-ready file. 


    To order please call your Unitron Representative at 1-800-888-8882.



    Files for this piece are not available for download.



    Pricing includes customization, printing and handling; shipping costs are additional. A tracking phone number can be used for no-cost. All pricing is subject to change.


    Please note: Images (non-product) used in these templates are not available to individually provide due to copyright limitations. See the "Images" section on this site for images that are free to use.


    • 74% of households with an income above $100K are newspaper readers.


    • 86% of newspaper readers believe newspaper inserts help them get the best deal.


    • Advertising in newspapers causes readers to act; the top three actions taken are:
      1. Gather more info on product/service
      2. Visit advertiser's website
      3. Have a more favorable opinion of the advertiser


    (Facts courtesy of Mansi Media and A.M.S. of America)