Utilizing the expertise of the AudSEO team, our Trial and Smile PPC campaign will drive new, qualified leads to your practice. Whether you're interested in trying PPC for the first time, looking for a campaign to complement your current SEO efforts or you’re just looking for a fresh online perspective, this campaign is sure to make you smile this summer.


    90-day PPC Campaign: $1500


    PPC campaigns start on the 1st and 15th of each month. 1-2 weeks is needed for set-up and deployment. 



    To order please call your Unitron Representative at 1-800-888-8882.


    Pricing includes campaign set-up, monthly ad spend, customized landing page, on-going monitoring and reporting. A tracking phone number will be used for reporting purposes. All pricing is subject to change.


    Please note: Images (non-product) used in these templates are not available to individually provide due to copyright limitations. See the "Images" section on this site for images that are free to use.


    • High-intent searchers (aka people ready to buy) are more likely to click on paid ads.


    • PPC ads are only shown to people who search for specific keywords; more precise targeting can be added if needed.


    • Running PPC ads brings incremental website traffic.


    (Facts courtesy of WordStream)